2014 Research Forum

1-4 pm, Thursday, May 8, 2014
Louis Round Wilson Library

Sponsored by LAUNC-CH and the UNC School of Information and Library Science.

2014 Research Forum Abstracts

1:00-1:30 Poster Presentations & Refreshments · Wilson Library Main Lobby

          • Answering Genealogy Questions with Little Time, Less Money, and No Genealogy Expertise | Donna Gunter · UNC-Charlotte
          • Can You Hear Me Now? : A Case Study of Collaborative Collecting Between Archives and Oral History Programs | Morgan Jones · UNC-Chapel Hill
          • Cataloging Islamic Manuscripts: A Brief Introduction | Denise Soufi · UNC-Chapel Hill
          • The Challenges of Interdisciplinary Research and the Value of Libraries in Nonprofit Management Education Kathy Shields · High Point University
          • Gauging Involvement: An Exploratory Survey of Public Health Librarians, Student Literature, and Institutional Repositories | Erin Foster · UNC-Chapel Hill
          • How May We Help? : Perspectives on Law Librarian Support of Students in Law School Clinics | Virginia Neisler · UNC-Chapel Hill
          • Shifting Spaces: Assessing and Redesigning a Multimedia Lab | Jerica Vogel & Jennie Goforth · UNC-Chapel Hill
          • Video Tutorials and Slide Show Tutorials: A Library Usability Study | Emily Corbin · UNC-Chapel Hill
          • Where the Internet Ends… Alternatives for 5 Billion Disconnected People | Cliff Missen · UNC-Chapel Hill

1:30-2:20 Session I: Instruction & Outreach · Pleasants Family Assembly Room

1:30-1:45 It’s Personal: Building Relationships with Transfer Students | Amanda MacDonald & Suchi Mohanty · UNC-Chapel Hill


      • Establishing a Social Media Presence in an Academic Library | Katie O’Connor · UNC-Greensboro
      • Practices and Perceptions: A Survey of Rhetoric and Composition Instructors | Anna Sandelli · UNC-Chapel Hill
      • The Thinker in the Library: Inserting Critical Thinking into Information Literacy Curriculum | Dilavaz Mirza Sharma · Meredith College

2:05-2:20 Comics in the Community | Amy Godfrey · Durham County Library

2:20-2:50 Poster Presentations & Refreshments · Wilson Library Main Lobby

2:50-4:00 Session II: Collections & Access · Pleasants Family Assembly Room

2:50-3:05 The ASERL Collaborative Federal Depository Library Program | Cheryle Cole-Bennett · Association for Southeastern Research Libraries


      • Assessment of API-generated Links to HathiTrust, Internet Archive, and Google Books | Christopher Holden · East Carolina University
      • Keep On Knockin’ But You Can’t Come In: Access Denials and E-Journal Selection | Megan Kilb · UNC-Chapel Hill
      • Personal Document Retrieval | Lucy VanderKamp · UNC-Chapel Hill
      • Showing What We Have: Exploring Linked Data for Archival Description | Virginia Ferris · UNC-Chapel Hill
      • Using Circulation and ILL Statistics to Inform Subsection-level Collection Development in the UNC Music Library | Peter Shirts · UNC-Chapel Hill

3:40-3:55 The UNC Law Library’s Redaction of its Digitized NC Supreme Court Briefs: A Case Study | Nicole Downing · UNC-Chapel Hill

The 2014 LAUNC-CH Research Forum is organized by the LAUNC-CH Professional Development Committee: Jennie Goforth, Sarah Morris, Erika Ripley, Kirill Tolpygo, and Meg Tuomala.