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2022 Conference 

The Library Association at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (LAUNC-CH) Conference will be held virtually on Monday, March 14, 2022. Registration fees for this year’s conference have been waived. 

Conference Theme

The 2022 conference theme is Great Expectations: Building Unity and Strengthening Community with keynote speaker Sofia Leung.

Keynote: Sofia Leung

Sofia Leung is a librarian, facilitator, and educator working towards fulfilling the promise of social justice in libraries and higher education. She was formerly an editor at the journal, In the Library with the Lead Pipe, founding editor of up//root: a We Here publication, co-editor of Knowledge Justice: Disrupting Library and Information Studies Through Critical Race Theory with Jorge López-McKnight (MIT Press, 2021), and a facilitator for the Association of College and Research Libraries Information Literacy Immersion Program. Sofia’s focus is on building community among Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in libraries and beyond.  


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2022 Conference Schedule



Speakers and Details

9:00–10:15 AM

Opening remarks and keynote with SOFIA LEUNG Keynote: “Deconstructing Narratives of Good Librarianship”


10:15–10:30 AM



Concurrent Sessions 1 (Choose one 40-minute session) Session 1.1 (40 minutes)

Working Together: Developing Better Practices for Collaborating in a Remote and Hybrid Workplace at NC State — Hillary Fox, Kevin Beswick, Robin Davis, Lynn Whittenberger (NC State University)


Session 1.2 (40 minutes)

Be Well: A Law School’s Approach to Supporting Students and Building Community — Robert Birrenkott, Jr., Trey Ellis, Jacob Brooks, Julius Brittman, Bianca D. Mack, Kelly Podger Smith, John B. Kasprazak  (UNC-Chapel Hill)


11:15–11:55 PM

Concurrent Sessions 2 (Choose one 40-minute or two 20-minute sessions) Session 2.1 (40 minutes)

Student Engagement Is a Two-Way Conversation: Listening Beyond Social Media — Emily Jack, Karina Soni (UNC-Chapel Hill)


Session 2.2 (Two 20-minute sessions)

Looking Inward, Looking Outward: The Value of Self-Organized Discussion Groups for Peer Managers — Molly Bragg, Emily Daly (Duke University), Kim Duckett (NC State University)

Balance and Guardrails: Individual Practices and Organizational Strategies for Addressing Workplace Stress — Laura Blessing, Tarida Anantachai (NC State University)


12–12:30 PM


12:30–1 PM

Poster Presentations Using Azure DevOps for Your Digital Projects — Daniel Nanez (UNC-Greensboro)

Library of (Living) Things: Steps to Starting a Seed Library — Jordan Green (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Work-Life Balance — Laura Mangum (East Carolina University)


1:05–1:45 PM

Concurrent Sessions 3 (Choose one 40-minute session) Session 3.1 (40minutes)

Keeping Clue: An (Un)successful Attempt at Adapting a Beloved Library Tradition for the Virtual World — Katelyn Ander, Alison Barnett, Allison Ruvidich (UNC-Chapel Hill)


Session 3.2 (40minutes) 

Building Bridges and Boundaries: Transitioning to Online First-Year Experience Instruction — Jenny Dale, Melody Rood, Rachel Olsen, Juanita Thacker (UNC-Greensboro) 


1:50–2:10 PM

Concurrent Sessions 4 (Choose one 20-minute session) Session 4.1 (20 minutes)

“Full of Emotions”: Emotional Labor and Emotion Regulation Strategies in Archives Settings — Taylor Wolford (NC State University)


Session 4.1 (20 minutes)

Automating Collections Review: Prospect and Limitations — Rolando Rodriguez (UNC-Chapel Hill) 


2:15–2:55 PM

Concurrent Sessions 5 (Choose one 40-minute or two 20-minute sessions) Session 5.1 (40 minutes)

If You’ve Got Time to Lean… — Juanita Thacker, Suzanne Sawyer (UNC-Greensboro) 


Session 5.1 (Two 20-minute sessions)

Culture of Collaborative Creation — Jeff McAdams, Savannah Lake (UNC-Charlotte) 

Staff Well-Being — Nadia Clifton, Jennifer Jean-Baptiste (UNC-Chapel Hill) 


3:05–3:25 PM

Session 6 Meeting Your Productivity Goals with the UnMeeting — Brown Biggers, Jenny Dale (UNC-Greensboro) 


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