Welcome to the website of the Librarians’ Association at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (LAUNC-CH). LAUNC-CH has been providing professional development and growth opportunities since 1972. We strive to promote effective library service within the academic community and to foster a spirit of cooperation among members of the library profession.

What’s new?

  • Call for Proposals!
    The Call for Proposals is out now for the 2017 LAUNC-CH Conference. This year’s conference theme is Human-Centered Libraries: Crafting Value and Relevance.
    The Conference Committee is seeking presentations on how we in the library and archives community are creatively solving problems by focusing first on the people we are serving. How are we creating services and spaces that are in harmony with the needs and desires of a diverse community of users?
  • We’ve recently begun a cover letter review service available to student members of LAUNC-CH.