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Once you’re a member of LAUNC-CH, there are plenty of ways to get involved with the organization.

  • Attend our networking events, such as the annual Fall Social, spring Research Forum, Trivia Event, and more!
  • Join one of LAUNC-CH’s committees, and work with colleagues on important LAUNC-CH business.
  • Run for office! It’s fun (and it looks great on a CV).

Collage of LAUNC-CH events

LAUNC-CH Committees

Each spring, LAUNC-CH will make a call for volunteers to serve on each committee. Please consider serving!

Conference Committee

Plans and coordinates an annual conference on a topic of general interest to the membership.

Communications Committee

Ensures effective communication and marketing of LAUNC-CH, including maintaining the LAUNC-CH website and social media.

Professional Development Committee

Sponsors opportunities for members’ professional growth and development through activities, outreach to other local professional groups, and mentoring.

Professional Welfare Committee

Investigates actions and policies that help to clarify and improve the professional status and benefits of library workers at UNC-CH.

Program Committee

Plans and coordinates fun and informative events throughout the year, such as the fall social, a trivia event, etc.


LAUNC-CH Board 2022-23

LAUNC-CH is governed by the Executive Board, consisting of the President, President-elect, Treasurer, Secretary, SILS Student Representative, and the chairs of each of the committees.


President: Katelyn Ander, Undergraduate Library, CB#3942, 962-4143,

Vice President / President Elect: Karina Soni, Davis Library, CB#3900, 962-9450,

Past President: Aaron Smithers, Wilson Library, CB#3948, 962-2446,

Secretary: Jason Lazar, Davis Library, CB#3914, 962-3771,

Treasurer: Brianna Nuñez-Franklin, Davis Library, CB#3950, 962-6264,  

Committee Chairs & SILS Student Representative

Communications Committee – Aleah Howell, Davis Library, CB#3900, 962-8026,

Conference Committee –  Alison Barnett, Wilson Library, CB#3930, 962-1172, and Todd Smith, Undergraduate Library, CB#3942, 962-3702,

Program Committee – Melanie Meents, Wilson Library, CB#3926, 962-4339,

Professional Development Committee – Criss Guy, Undergraduate Library, CB#3942, 962-4194, and Jesse Griffin, Law Library, (919) 962-1197, 

Professional Welfare Committee – Amy Fader, Davis Library, CB#3916, 962-7506, and Ellie Campbell, Law Library, 843-4959,

SILS Student Representative – Ikra Javed, Undergraduate Library,