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Why join LAUNC-CH?

  • Affordable, local professional development opportunity
  • Join committees that are working on development and advocacy initiatives
  • Opportunity to work with staff members outside your normal day-to-day activities
  • Networking and collaboration opportunities with other library staff

Join Us!

Interested in becoming a member of LAUNC-CH? Check out our membership options and requirements:

Full Membership

Dues $10-30 per year based on salary
Open to all current staff at the UNC-Chapel Hill Libraries and the School of Information and Library Science.


Student Membership

Dues $5 per year
Open to all full-time students at the School of Information and Library Science.


Honorary Membership

Dues $0
Open to retired UNC-CH Library employees.



What I particularly enjoyed about being a part of this committee was how it brought together people who might not otherwise interact in a more casual context where they could get to know one another better, like the UNC-CH library staff and SILS students. Having strong mentors is something that is incredibly important to me, since I believe that there’s nothing like getting the perspective or advice of someone who was once in your shoes and is now practicing in your dream field. For me, knowing that I was helping facilitate these mentorship opportunities by bringing people together through the Programming Committee made my experience serving on a committee truly worthwhile and rewarding.
-Jasmine Plott, SILS 2017



Being involved in LAUNC-CH has been great for me in so many ways. Their annual conference often has more interesting and useful sessions than many national conferences I attend – I love the chance to hear from and connect with library staff at UNC and around North Carolina. I’ve gotten to meet and work with many amazing people on committees, and they always have primo snacks at their socials and events!
-Jennie Goforth, Research & Design Services Librarian at UNC-CH