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2023 LAUNC-CH Conference registration has closed.

Contact Anna Goslen ( or Brianna Nunez ( for any questions.

The 2023 LAUNC-CH Conference, Breaking Down Silos: Strengthening Our Organizations through Collaboration, is set for Monday, March 13, 2023. We will kick off the conference at 9:00 am with a light breakfast reception and in-person keynote at UNC Chapel Hill’s Wilson Special Collections Library. The keynote and reception are sponsored by the UNC-CH University Libraries. Seating is limited. All other conference programing will occur virtually beginning with presentations at 11:00 am. This year’s conference is free and open to everyone.

The 2023 Library Association at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Conference will examine how we as stewards of information can facilitate the exchange of ideas and  challenge ourselves and our colleagues to strengthen connections across library divisions and academic departments.

Keynote Speaker: Ericka J. Patillo, PhD, MSLS

We look forward to welcoming our keynote speaker, Ericka Patillo, who received her MLIS (’99) and PhD of Philosophy, Information, and Library Science (’18) from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Currently Director of Graduate Studies at the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Dr. Patillo is a librarian, public services manager, and educator working towards creating an academic culture that is inclusive, collaborative, and authentic. Her scholarship includes research on academic library management, and she recently presented at the American Library Association’s Roundtable Program on Research Matters: Strengthening our Values, Defining our Practice (2020). Dr. Patillo’s focus is on addressing internal divisions and creating experiences that facilitate transformative possibilities.

2023 Conference Schedule

Download and view the expanded schedule.




Speakers and Details

9:00–9:30 AM


Morning reception

(sponsored by UNC-Chapel Hill University Libraries)

Morning reception

Wilson Special Collections Library, UNC-Chapel Hill

(pre-registration required) 

9:30–10:45 AM


Opening remarks and keynote with ERICKA PATILLO

Keynote: “Permeate Silos through Caring and Sharing” 

(pre-registration required)

10:45–11:00 AM




Concurrent Sessions 1

(Choose one 40-minute session or two 20-minute sessions) 

Session 1.1 (40 minutes)

The Lending Cupboard at UNCG University Libraries:
A Pilot ProjectMelody Lee Rood, Amy Harris Houk, Rachel Olsen, Joshua Olsen (UNC-Greensboro)


Session 1.2 (Two 20-minute sessions) 

Making the Connection: Facilitating Research Computing and Data Support at NC State University – Moira Downey, Susan Ivey (NC State University)

“I Know Somebody Who Knows Somebody”: Collaborating with Departments Outside the Library to Foster Student Library Engagement – Bryan Nicholls, Lauren Ksa (High Point University) 


11:45–12:25 PM


Concurrent Sessions 2 

(Choose one 40-minute or two 20-minute sessions)

Session 2.1 (40 minutes) 

Partnerships for Student Mental Health – Jamie Bradway, Kim Duckett, Xiaoyan Song (NC State University)


Session 2.2 (Two 20-minute sessions) 

Implementing a Pretest to Determine Students’ Knowledge of Information Literacy and Library Abilities After COVID – Andrew Grace, David Hisle (East Carolina University) 

Makerspaces Alienate First-time Users: An Investigation into the Information Seeking Behaviors of Students at the Makerspace Threshold – Maggie Melo, Rachel Rodney (UNC-Chapel Hill) 


12:30–1:00 PM


1:00–1:30 PM


Poster Presentations

A Source for Citing: How Collaboration Between the Library and the Writing Center Can Support Academic IntegrityCas Saroza, Sophie Hollis (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Too Much of aGood Thing: Navigating Collaboration Overload – Morgan Pruitt (Central Carolina Community College)

Academic Librarianship & Inclusive Excellence: Harnessing a Critical Lens and Identifying Locations for Systemic ChangeMaria Tudela (UNC-Chapel Hill) 


1:35–2:15 PM


Concurrent Sessions 3 

(Choose one 40-minute or two 20-minute sessions)

Session 3.1 (40 minutes)

From Co-location to Collaboration: Connecting with Building Partners for Student Success ProgrammingAlison Van Norman, James Holsinger (Elon University)


Session 3.2 (Two 20-minute sessions)

Finding a Way: Improving Access to Materials on Indigenous Art of the Americas – Alice Whiteside, Sara Levinson, Denise Soufi (UNC-Chapel Hill)

Beyond Band-aids: Rethinking Accessibility WidgetsMeredith Wynn, Erik Olson (NC State University) 


2:20–3:00 PM


Concurrent Sessions 4

(Choose one 40-minute session) 

Session 4.1 (40 minutes)

Want to Throw a Library Comic Con? You Can Afford It! – Allison Sills (Central Carolina Community College) 


Session 4.2 (40 minutes)

Academic Library Outreach through Health Information Literacy Workshops in Employee Wellness Programming – Colleen Foy (Wake Forest University) 


3:05–3:45 PM


Concurrent Sessions 5

(Choose two 20-minute sessions)

Session 5.1 (Two 20-minute sessions)

Finding Your Chicken: Innovative Collaboration in the Community College Library – Kris Obele Bele, Ashley Apple, Megan Williams (Fayetteville Technical Community College) 

All Boats Float in a Rising Tide: How Cross-Campus Collaborations Strengthen Library Outreach and Benefit Campus Partners – Hubert Womack, Meghan Webb (Wake Forest University) 


Session 5.2 (Two 20-minute sessions) 

Centering Students in Digital Collections – Franklin Robinson (NC A&T)

On the Books and Beyond: User Experience with a Collections as Data Project – Rolando Rodriguez, Brianna Nunez (UNC-Chapel Hill)



For questions, please contact: Anna Goslen ( or Brianna Nunez ( Please tell us if you need any specific accommodation to participate effectively in this conference. Please note that we strive to be an inclusive, accessible conference, but not all requests can be guaranteed.

To view past conference details, check out the LAUNC-CH archive.