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Peter Wardrip – Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Peter Wardrip is a Learning Scientist at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. His research focuses on informal/formal learning collaborations, professional learning for educators, formative assessment and making as a learning process. Before Peter was a Learning Scientist, he was a high school Latin and English teacher, Peace Corps Volunteer, and Appalachian Trail Thru-hiker. Peter earned his PhD in Learning Sciences and Policy from University of Pittsburgh.

Kristine M. Alpi – NC State

Kristine Alpi directs the William R. Kenan, Jr. Library of Veterinary Medicine at NC State and is Adjunct Assistant Professor of Population Health & Pathobiology in the College of Veterinary Medicine. As an NC State CVM Turtle Rescue Team volunteer, she has rehabilitated and released many turtles since 2008.

Alison Blaine – NC State

Alison Blaine completed a Master of Science in Information Science at UNC Chapel Hill. She holds the Master of Theological Studies from Harvard Divinity School and the Bachelor of Arts in Comparative Area Studies from Duke University. Blaine is an NCSU Libraries Fellow, her home department is in Digital Library Initiatives, and her initiative project is in the Research and Information Services department.

James Cheng – NC State

James Cheng is currently a North Carolina State University Libraries Fellow. He received his Masters in Information Studies from the University of Texas at Austin and was previously an ALA Spectrum Scholar and ARL Diversity Scholar.

Mireille Djenno – UNC – Chapel Hill

Mireille Djenno is the Librarian for African, African American and Diaspora Studies, and the Head of the Stone Center Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Her research interests include barrier-free access to information, LIS education, and the history of the book.

Amanda Foster – Wake Forest University

Amanda Foster is an Instruction Librarian at Wake Forest University, where she teaches the credit-bearing information literacy course LIB100: Accessing Information in the 21st Century.

Michelle Garst – UNC – Chapel Hill

Michelle Garst is the Program Manager for BeAM (Be A Maker), UNC’s network of makerspaces whose mission is to cultivate and empower a UNC community and culture to imagine, design, and create things that solve, fascinate, and inspire. Her background is in Biomedical Engineering, education, and developing world healthcare technology. Michelle speaks Spanish, has an adorable dog named Cuddle Puddle, and spends most of her free time on DIY home projects and tending her small flock of backyard chickens.

Rachel Goatley – UNC – Chapel Hill

Rachel is a second year graduate student in the School of Information and Library Science at UNC – Chapel Hill. She is currently a research fellow at the Odum Institute for Research in Social Science. She will graduate with her master’s degree in Library Science in May 2016.

Elizabeth Grab – UNC – Chapel Hill

Elizabeth Grab is an MSLS / MA candidate at UNC-CH’s School of Library Science & the Department of Art and a fellow in the “Learning from Artists’ Archives: Preparing Next Generation Art Information Professionals through Partnerships with North Carolina’s Artists’ Archives” project. She plans to combine both subjects, focusing on the archival and art historical needs of book artists and digital humanists.

Amanda Henley – UNC – Chapel Hill

Amanda Henley is a GIS Librarian at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, where she supports the work of the Davis Library Research Hub. She has a MA in Geography from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and has been a certified GIS Professional since 2008. She enjoys helping others integrate geographic resources into their research.

Josh Hockensmith – UNC – Chapel Hill

I’m usually the Art Library Technical Assistant at UNC’s Sloane Art Library, and currently the temporary Head of the Art Library. I’m also a book artist with work in library and museum collections around the country, and one of the founders of Triangle Book Arts, a network of people in the Triangle area interested in the full spectrum of the arts, history, and future of the book.

Carson Holloway – Duke University

Carson Holloway is the Librarian for History of Science, Military History, and British and Canadian Studies at the Duke Libraries. He is currently teaches as an Adjunct at the UNC School of Information and Library Science. In the past he has taught at the Library School at NCCU, worked with EBSCO in the information industry, and served as a librarian at UNC- Chapel Hill.

Emily Jack – UNC – Chapel Hill

Emily Jack is the Digital Projects and Outreach Librarian in the North Carolina Collection Gallery in UNC’s Wilson Special Collections Library. She holds a Master of Library Science degree from the School of Information and Library Science at UNC-Chapel Hill and a Bachelor’s degree from Oberlin College.

William Kane – Wake Forest University

William Kane is the Director of Digital Publishing at Wake Forest University. They checked, and he is a librarian, with an MLS from the University of Pittsburgh — from there a systems and collection development librarian in Detroit, then a dot-com adventurer with Alibris. In any case, he tells everyone who asks that he’s now a “digital publisher,” and that as such he has never felt more alive.

Danianne Mizzy – UNC – Chapel Hill

Danianne Mizzy is the Head of Kenan Science Information Services, oversees the Kenan Science Library Research Hub and serves on the BeAM Executive Committee. She received the AB from Brown University in International Relations, the MFA from the Yale School of Drama in design and the MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh. She is proud to have conceived of the Maker-in-Residence program and Periodic Table Project, both of which combine art and science.

Brian Moynihan – UNC – Chapel Hill

Brian Moynihan, MBA | MSIS | MA is the Head of Health IT Initiatives at the University of North Carolina’s Health Sciences Library. He is the Co-Founder of the Triangle Health 2.0, a group of 1,000 professionals working in health innovation and technology, and is an active mentor for local startup companies.

Colin Nickels – UNC – Chapel Hill

Colin Nickels is a first year MSIS student at UNC-Chapel Hill. He currently works as the Carolina Academic Library Associate in the Kenan Science Library. His research interests emerging technologies, makerspaces, and digital literacy.

Amy Oldenburg – UNC – Chapel Hill

Amy Oldenburg is an Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy, and is affiliated with the Department of Biomedical Engineering and the Biomedical Research Imaging Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is the co-director of ADMIRES, a high school STEM outreach program funded by her NSF CAREER award.

David Romito – UNC – Chapel Hill

David Romito has been a Science Librarian at UNC-Chapel Hill for 20 years and is responsible for the Kenan Science Library’s makerspace. He received his B.S. in Biology and M.S. in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Hannah Rozear – Duke University

Hannah Rozear is an Instructional Services Librarian and library liaison to Duke’s Thompson Writing Program and the Duke Global Health Institute. Hannah helps to coordinate the library instruction component for first-year writing courses at Duke University, as well as serving as a liaison to undergraduates, graduates, and faculty doing research in Global Health.

Todd Stoffer – NC State

Todd Stoffer completed a Master of Library Science, at the University of Maryland (UMD). He holds the Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, from Colorado State University. Stoffer is an NCSU Libraries fellow, his home department is in Digital Library Initiatives and he is managing the Web Archiving project in the Special Collections Research Center.

Madison Sullivan – NC State

Madison Sullivan is a NCSU Libraries Fellow at the North Carolina State University Libraries. She works as a librarian for Research and Information Services, and External Relations, where she manages the library’s social media. Madison earned her MS in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2015.

Richard Superfine – UNC – Chapel Hill

Richard Superfine, Taylor-Williams Distinguished Professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, received his B. S. in Physics from Lehigh University and his Ph. D. from University of California, Berkeley. He leads a center developing tools for studying forces in biological systems and has a start-up company commercializing biomedical diagnostic technology. He has been awarded several teaching awards at UNC, and leads the campus-wide BeAM network.

Valerie Szwaya – UNC – Chapel Hill

Val is a first year graduate student in the School of Information and Library Science at UNC – Chapel Hill. She works as a graduate research assistant for the North Carolina Historic Newspapers Project. Val is working toward a master’s degree in Library Science with a concentration in Archives and Records Management.

Therese Triumph – UNC – Chapel Hill

Therese Triumph, is a science liaison librarian at the Kenan Science Library at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Besides liaison responsibilities in several science departments, Therese is interested in student outreach, especially outreach to women in the sciences, inspiring young students to study in the STEM fields and the promotion of open access in the sciences.

Brittany Wofford – Duke University

Brittany Wofford is the Coordinator for The Edge and Librarian for Research & Instructional Services at the Duke Libraries. Brittany serves as the liaison to the Department of Sociology and manages the daily functions of the Ruppert Commons for Research, Collaboration and Technology.