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The Library Association at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (LAUNC-CH) 2020 Conference will be Monday, March 9, 2020 at the FedEx Global Education Center on UNC’s campus in Chapel Hill, N.C.

Conference Theme

This year’s theme is Empowering from within: motivating, valuing and leveraging ALL library staff to better serve users.

Conference Proposal Submissions

Submissions are open! We’d love to have your proposal to speak at the 2020 conference.

The conference committee is calling for presentations, workshops and posters that examine how we can support library staff in every position and career path.

Submit your proposal today.

The 20 or 40-minute presentations, workshops and posters could cover:

  • Importance of documenting procedures and providing training to preserve institutional knowledge and skills
  • Cultural humility and working in culturally diverse groups
  • Cross-departmental and/or cross-functional collaboration
  • Adapting to different communication styles
  • Building communication and interpersonal skills
  • Ideas to increase employee engagement
  • Bringing personal interests to daily work
  • Advantageous introversion
  • Blended work between technical and public services
  • Preventing burn out
  • Creating motivational spaces
  • Developing mentorship programs
  • Ideas to increase transparency and accountability
  • Self-advocacy and professional growth

This year we will accept posters about individual research or work experience related to the conference theme.

We encourage submissions for presentations, workshops or posters. If you have any questions, or if you’re wondering whether your topic fits the conference theme, please contact Joanneke Elliott:

We welcome proposals from professionals, paraprofessionals and students at and beyond UNC-Chapel Hill. Submissions from public libraries, special libraries, and from academic institutions outside of the Triangle are strongly encouraged!

Submit your proposal today.

For more details on past conferences, see our Archive.